About Our College


Govt. Shikshan Mahavidyalaya(C.T.E.) Nagaon, is a prestigious College from its inception. It is only the Government B.Ed. training College of Nagaon District.

It was established in 1968 on February with the keen initiative of some of the renewed educationist, Politician, Social Worker as well as well wishers like Late Bhakat Ram Saikia, Liladhar Saikia, Phani Bora, Mahesh Ch. Dev Goswami, Bongshi Sarma,Surendra Nath Boruah, Md. Imam Rabbani, Md.Imdadul Hoque, Shuteswar Dev Goswami, Prema Goswami, Surendra Nath Baruah, Pit Ram Nath, Md. Shamsher Ali etc. The first Principal of this College was Mohesh Chandra Dev Goswami.Late Hareswar Goswami contributed and sacrificed mostly by honouring the Principal Post by leaving the Govt. Post of Lecturer of P.G.T. College, Jorhat.

Another important Persons, Honourable Late Liladhar Saikia (founder of this College) and Tilok Ch. Saikia Sacrificed their whole lifes in this College by resigning and ignoring the Govt. Services.Hemkanta Sarma, Retd. Principal of this College was the first Batch Examinee who brought success to this College.

The founder Part-time as well as whole time Lecturers were like Late Liladhar Saikia, Md. Habibur Rahman, Phelix Anthony, Narendra Nath Bora, Md. Samsher Ali, Naren Saikia, Bhairab Ch. Bordoloi , Sri Atul Ch. Bora, Bhagawan Ch. Goswami, Manik Ch. Sarma, Sashindra Nath Sarkar, Batu Prasad Tripathi, Chandra Kt. Sarmah, Tonkeswar Nath, Dr. Ganesh Ch.Phukan. Durgeswar Bora (Peon) and Golak Ch. Boruah (U.D.A.) who contributed much and helped this institution to have its youth stage.

We express our gratitude and deep homage and honour to all the well wishers who actively involved and had immense contributions in the path of progress of this College

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From Principal's Desk

The Nation's well being depends on teacher's well being and the quality of education depends to a great extent on the skills and ability of the teacher. So our teacher are the custodians of our future.

Our educationists said- "If you educate a boy you educate an individual, if you educate a girl you educate the whole family, if you educate a teacher you educate the whole community."

With this motto on that auspicious day of Six March,1968 this glorious and prestigious Shikshan Mahavidyalaya starts its first breathing at Nagaon Bengali High School. In 1971 the College was able to received a land and House building grant from the Government and built its own building as well as transferred its classes into new building at Jyoti Nagar, Dimoruguri, Nagaon.

From that inception, gradually it develops step by step and in 1983 the College was taken over by the Government. Now it is only the Government B.Ed. Teacher Training College of Nagaon District. It already over comes the Silver-Jubilee year in 1994 and have its pick time for development.

Now its is upgraded to College of teacher education (CTE) and enhance its responsibilities in procedure more and Architect of Human resources. Thinking my self as fortunate enough as a Principal of this College and getting the ample opportunity to welcome the Human Resource producer since 9th. March 2004. From this session 2019 -20 the two year regular based D.Ed. Ed. is started and the institution also provides D.El. Ed (Two Years) under KKHSOU in Distance mode and D.El.Ed. (Two year) along with six month PDPET course under NIOS and D.El.Ed. (Two year) under SCERT (ODL). The College has fulfilled the required conditions and received the recognition from (NCTE) National Council for Teacher Education up to until further order. It has its satisfactory infrastructure with an adequate experienced and qualified educators as well as Auditorium, Boys Hostel, Faculty Quarter, Grade-IV Quarter with a main building for class and Administration.

Lastly it has its own website in the keen initiative of Assamlook.com

I hope and pray to God that the College may shine its glory and Prosperity in future and will produce wise teacher with a man of character as well as will emerge as a centre of excellence and cater to the needs of the teacher education of Nagaon.

Dr. Tulumoni Devi
Principal, I/C
Govt. Shikshan Mahavidyalaya
Nagaon , Assam.